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[Tuesday 09 December, 2014]
IH rock Prested Hall for Kelly and James' Wedding
IH rock Prested Hall for Kelly and James' Wedding
We joined Kelly and James to help them celebrate their big day.
On Saturday night, Indigo Hammer played a storming couple of sets to help Kelly and James celebrate their day as newly-weds.
Starting off with Kelly and James' first dance as Man and Wife, the evening was set to the beautiful song of "Open up your door" by Richard Horley with beautiful mood lighting and plenty of haze before being joined by all the other guest to a rousing rendition of "Sickness and in health" by Chaz an dave!
After this we continued our DJ duties with a hand-picked setlist chosen by the Groom, with Indigo Hammers own Guitar God, and now to be known as "DJ Dave", filling the dancefloor with some great tunes and bringing everyone to fever before IH began their first set.
With a packed dancefloor we kicked of with a new fav Lonely Boy

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Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis - Indigo Hammer
Chris ‘local boy’ Lewis started singing in nursery school. He also sang to his baby sitter so she would hug him and he could be next to her boobs.

He then joined a choir and sung to priests but he doesn't like to talk about that. Chris was raised by loving...
Chris Lewis
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